G.I.A.N.T.S., INC. was founded in 2015, by Priscilla Stokes, an active duty military spouse and stay at home, mother of two. Priscilla and her family has experienced first hand the financial and emotional struggles of living a military lifestyle, like our fellow military members and their families do daily.

One day when faced with a financial hardship that occurred as a result of unforeseen circumstances, Priscilla and her family had no choice but to look for financial assistance just to make ends meet. She was confident that there was financial help, that was easily accessible, out there for military families who needed a helping hand. After a couple of days, many calls later, and no hope given, she came to the conclusion that financial help for "active duty" military members was scarce and limited. Frustrated, heart broken, and nowhere to turn, Priscilla and her husband turned to their faith and confidence in God, knowing that He would get them through their situation; and He did! 

After overcoming this financial hardship, Priscilla was determined to be the voice for active duty military families and set out to make a change. As a result of her love for Jesus, compassion for people, and determination to help other military members overcome hardships, G.I.A.N.T.S., INC. was born. Priscilla dedicates many hours and sacrifices to guarantee that the mission of G.I.A.N.T.S., INC. is carried out, while also being a devoted wife, mother and full-time entrepreneur. She has earned her bachelors degree at the University of Maryland University College, in Management Studies.

Priscilla is dedicated to see her goal of one day being able to help all active duty military families nationwide, who seek help, to overcome their hardship while giving others the confidence knowing that help is available.